Staff Members
Claire Lichtenfels (Co-Owner and Field Manager )

 Claire was the original dreamer behind having the family begin their farming venture. Enjoying best her time in the blueberry fields transforming Hunter’s Moon into a biodynamic venture, Claire also is the farm’s resident bee-keeper and sits on the board of directors. Her favorite time is spent with her family.

Hal Jackson (Co-Owner and Director of Finances & Marketing )

After spending years in teaching and research, Hal took the leap from being a university professor to farm entrepreneur, and can be found on all parts on the farm working. Leading our board of directors, Hal brings his great array of skills to the farm – leading us through finance and marketing strategy to the construction of our developing farm structure like the hoop house, farm stand, and berry production.

Hannah Frylinck (Product Development and Communications )

Hannah is a mother by day – and culinary scientist by night! She makes up the third member of the farm’s board of directors and works on marketing, value added product development and web relations.

Petra Jackson (Photographer and Field Hand)

Petra is photographer of our farm and family as well as working on u-pick operations and assisting with online marketing development. She works with us on the farm whenever she is on break from finishing her studies at boarding school in Canada.

Simon Jackson (Field Hand)

 Simon is a hands-on master in the fields doing maintenance as well as building work around the farm whenever he is not busy working on his university degree in Colorado.

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